Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Direction

So followers of my blog may have noticed some serious changes. I have decided to shift this blog from personal hoo-ha to being a supplement for my Earth's Joy website where I share information about the Graxean Path of Spiritual Development. Graxeanism is a Spiritual Path of Nature, using blends of science, mythology, psychology, and the arts to bring us closer to our own personal spiritual joy. On the website are tools and inspirational tales to help you develop your own spiritual path and tradition connected to Nature and Spirit. Therefore, I'm mostly going to be sharing my inspirational stories here as well as the occasional update. And currently, my only inspirational tale is that after a year of not using this blog, I've finally updated. I hope that inspires you to...update your own blogs. ....... I assure you better stuff will be here in the future, similar to what remains in the archives.

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